Poll Results: Did The LGBT Community Support Day Without A Gay?

By: Gay.com

The organizers of Day Without A Gay called on gay people and their straight allies to call in "gay" to work today and spend the day volunteering for gay-friendly organizations. The organizers also urged us not to spend money. That said, they gave us an out, saying we could make a purchase at a gay-friendly establishment if need be.

The goal was to show America how much we contribute to society.

While the day isn't quite over, and it remains to be seen how many people participated in Day Without A Gay, we conducted a poll of our readers to see how they felt about the concept, and here's what we found:

24.5% of the respondents said that they would fully participate in Day Without A Gay, meaning no work and no shopping.

25.6% said they weren't calling in gay to work but said they wouldn't spend any money today.

2.1% said they were calling in gay to work but refused to pinch pennies.

26.1% said they supported the idea of Day Without A Gay but they couldn't afford to call in gay.

And, finally, 21.7% said they thought Day Without A Gay was "a ridiculous waste of time."

We'd love to hear how you spent your Day Without A Gay. Did you call in gay to work? Did you refuse to spend a dime? Are you one of those people who thought Day Without A Gay was a silly idea? Or maybe the whole thing slipped your mind?

Obviously, I didn't call in gay today. Who would have written this item about Day Without A Gay if I had? Meanwhile, I also spent money on a slice of pizza, a soda, treats for my pets and a birthday gift. I didn't do that on purpose. I actually forgot about the not-spending money part of today's Day Without A Gay effort.

Meanwhile, a number of my friends said just last week that they were participating in Day Without A Gay, but, according to an informal poll I conducted on my own today, not one of them called in gay to work and not one of them kept their cash in their wallets.

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