The Best of 2008!


We're taking the pulse of our millions of members to find out what you think with the 2008 Gay Vote

Its time to give us your opinion, and we know you have one, and weigh in on the best this year had to offer.

Did one Olympian rise above the rest even if they didn't win any medals?  Should a comedian, actor, singer, dancer or even talk-show host be the Entertainer of the year?  Is there one person who stands out as a hero to the gay community?  Let us know about them!

Copy the following list into the comments field below and include your pick immediately after it. In a few weeks we'll list the top 5 from each and put them up for a vote.

Sports figure -
Entertainer -
LGBT Hero -
Political figure -
Villain -
Gay icon -
Best Dressed Person -
Best Movie -
Best TV Show -
Best Song -
Moment of the year -

It's all up to you so make sure your voice is heard! 

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