Equality on Campus Day

By: Gay.com

It may seem like the fight for marriage equality has taken a back burner lately: the holidays can choke out a lot of oxygen over many fronts.  The pending Inauguration has taken up a lot of coverage, and the California Supreme Court is a slow moving venue when it comes to deciding whether or not Prop 8 will be allowed to stand.

Ah, but there are things going on to keep support high and visible for same-sex marriage equality. 

On January 27th, students in high schools and colleges across the United States will stage a subtle – yet potentially powerful – protest in favor of marriage equality.  On that day, students will wear the same shirt (see picture).

The shirt, which has a very cool rainbow-colored design, ringed with the words “Transgendered, Questioning, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Straight”, says, in large print, “Together as One”.

“Equality on Campus Day” is the brainchild of Students for Equality, and the money raised from the sale of shirts will be going to Lambda Legal in California, the group leading the legal challenge to Prop 8 in the California Supreme Court.

According to the young man leading this effort, Eric Ross, the event is scheduled to coincide with the Barack Obama’s taking office:

“Having the event one week after the inauguration to remind [President-Elect] Obama that we are not going away. We are expecting him to address same-sex marriage, and LGBT rights in general.”

Small step, yes.  But, I think, a creative one, a good one, and one that can help groups link with other groups.   

You know, power in numbers, when one is fighting a battle, is never a bad thing.

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