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Barack Obama rides into today's inauguration on a wave of hype and adulation, and I'm fine with him basking in the glow all day and night. But as of tomorrow, I want our new president to get right down to business. America faces so many critical challenges, and there isn't a moment to waste.

Here are the top three issues that I want President Obama to make a priority in the early days of his administration:

1) President Obama has to end the war in Iraq. It is time to get our troops out, and let the chips fall where they may. Simply put, we can't afford to lose any more lives or spend any more money in Iraq.

2) President Obama has to get our economy back on track. This will take years, so he has to take action immediately. Here's hoping his proposed stimulus spending won't just dig the hole deeper.

3) President Obama has to ensure that each and every American has access to affordable health insurance with comprehensive coverage. People shouldn't be going broke paying for medical costs.

You've surely noticed that I didn't list any gay issues in my top three priorities. It isn't that I don't care about our issues. I hope President Obama will fight for equal rights for gay people during his first term, and he can start by repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act. But I'm most concerned about ending the war in Iraq, fixing our economy and providing health care for all at the moment.

Now it's your turn. What are the issues that you'd like President Obama to immediately get to work on in the early days of his administration? List the top three in order of importance. will tabulate the feedback, and we'll let you—and President Obama—know the results next week.

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