See Who Made The Prop. 8 "Dishonor Roll"


A couple of weeks ago, you heard about all of those financial supporters of the measure that banned gay marriage in California who had filed a lawsuit to keep their campaign finance records hidden away from public view. The poor souls claimed they were the victim of harassment.

Bless their hearts... I'm sure that none of us would have any clue on how it feels to be harassed or threatened for having such strong and compelling beliefs about the way one should live their life.

They had further said that businesses employing people who contributed to the Prop. 8 campaign were threatened with boycotts. Hmmm. That sounds hauntingly familiar -- on top of the fact that gay marriage foes had most definitely used campaign finance records during the height of the debate to threaten gay rights supporters.

Last week, a federal judge denied the request to keep their finance books (and the names of donors) locked away. U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. concluded that the California Political Reform Act of 1974 must stay intact as it is.

Yeson8__205 Now, the full list of donors who supported Prop. 8 has been posted to the California Secretary of State's official website. You could spend hours clicking around the site looking at the data of those who donated a staggering $36 million that ended same-sex marriage rights in the state.

One of the best versions I've seen is the Californians Against "Dishonor Roll", which exposes many of the high rollers who donated more than $5000.00. They have taken public information from the California Secretary of State’s Office and added telephone numbers and web sites to the list. Also included is commentary on some of the more interesting and controversial donors.

So, to all those foes of gay marriage who wanted to implement your double standard by changing the current laws to keep your finance books tightly closed, I say to them in the words of one certain mayor: "It's inevitable. This door is wide open now. It's gonna happen. Whether you like it or not."

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