O'Reilly: American Idol's Kiss "Embarrassing"

By: Gay.com

Earlier this week, Bill O'Reilly dug up a weeks old "scandal" when he showed pictures of "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert kissing another guy -- as if many people haven't yet seen these shots or that people will really care that he's gay instead of judging him on his talents as a singer. And why are they embarrassing? Because he's kissing a guy, who is apparently his boyfriend?

Asinine. If it were a straight contestant, male or female, kissing a member of the opposite sex, this would be a non-issue. And keep in mind they're just kissing. Not naked. Not trying to screw a horse. Just kissing. 

Unlike other certain conservative pundits, I actually don't mind O'Reilly. Sure, I don't always agree with him, but I think he sometimes has valid and intelligent arguments. But when he goes on air to discuss a contestant on a show that he admits to not knowing much about (because he's apparently too busy, uh, watching "Real Housewives"), he just looked foolish. Even more so when the two women on air with him said that people will judge Lambert on his singing prowess and not whether he's gay -- one even pointed out that the pictures have been floating around for awhile already. Another moment O'Reilly looked stupid? When he asked whether illegal aliens were allowed to vote for people on "Idol." No, clearly only U.S. citizens have the ability to watch TV and interpret what that call-in number means.

And it wasn't enough for O'Reilly to say the pictures were "embarrassing" for "American Idol," but he was too cowardly to show the images of them actually kissing. Instead, the part of the pictures where their lips connect is blocked out. Really Bill? Methinks you need to spend a little more time visiting your girlfriends on "The View." They'll set you straight. Or maybe just make you a little more enlightened. At least enough to have you not think that just because someone is or might be gay may cause them to lose fans. That's why Neil Patrick Harris no longer has a career. And Ellen has a low-rated talk show. And Lindsay Lohan ... oh wait, she actually is having a tough time (Whoops -- not allowed into SamRo's sis' JCPenney after party at the Chateau? That had to hurt). But that's not because Lindsay was in a gay relationship. She's just a little crazy. Either way, O'Reilly, stop tossing fuel on the fire. You're smarter than that.

Here is the clip:

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