Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Equals Bestiality

By: Ari Bendersky

"You mark my words, this is just the beginning in a long downward slide in relation to all the things that we consider to be abhorrent."

Taken out of context, a reader of this statement may interpret it to refer to something repugnant, like genocide in Rwanda or mass murder in Sri Lanka. Something so horrible that it's actions cause us to act out, raise our voices, implore our government to step in and do something.

Most people wouldn't read this sentence and think it referred to the act of two people wanting to commit to each other and dedicate their lives to each other through love.

But sadly, that's what it refers to. Pat Robertson, that bastion of great, white hope who upholds all this pure and Christian in our country, the staunch right-winger and close-minded preacher said that to validate same-sex marriage and make it legal would only lead our country on a path to ultimately legalizing bestiality, polygamy, child molestation and pedophilia.

What Robertson, and so many bigots like himself, doesn't realize is that these things occur regardless if our government gives gay people the right to marry. What he fails to recognize is that any person—gay or straight, married or unwed—can commit those acts. One does not have to want to be in a legally committed relationship to want to screw a goat or inappropriately touch a child (the latter group should be put away and in the case of men doing it, castrated. But that's just my opinion).

Wanting to marry someone you love, whether they are of the same or opposite sex, hopefully shows a person's ability to make rational, adult decisions. This shows a commitment to love and the future. How many people do you know that get married do so for the sole reason to marry more and more people or get off on images of children?

It's time for the religious right to stop hiding behind these ridiculous claims that gay people are deviants and that giving us the right to marry someone we love we lead to the downfall of society as we know it. Mr. Robertson, how many people do you think you've encountered in your many years that have cheated on a spouse, lied to a friend, sought out the pleasures of a dominatrix or took an oath before god as a Catholic priest only to ruin countless children's lives? Probably more than you care to claim. If you were brave enough, you'd admit that you're simply pandering to a bunch of lemmings who will follow your every word, that you've conned them into believing that it's the "word of the lord" simply to line your pockets and keep your name in the public arena. Who's molesting who now?  

Mr. Robertson, isn't it time for you to take out the false teeth, put them into a glass on the bathroom sink and shut up? Either that, or start telling the truth about loving thy brother. That is the Christian way, after all.

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