Why do Gays Love 'The Real Housewives'?

By: Gay.com

Is it the jewelry, the designer labels, and the diva behavior that
attracts legions of gay men to Bravo's endless parade of Real Housewives, with each cast more delusional and dramatic than the last? Maybe it's just the bawdy, ballsy nature of the Housewives that gay men recognize as a cultural soul mate. The Housewives
say what they think and the good, the bad, and the ugly are all aired
over and over for us to see. These women love and indulge themselves
while living their lives loudly and proudly,  squeezing extra drops
of joy, drama, flair, and sparkle out of their every waking moment.
Sounds pretty familiar to our gay ears.

As Bethenny Frankel puts it in this behind the scenes look at a Housewives
photo shoot for The Advocate, the women on this reality series are
"over the top... not normal." And perhaps that's why they feel right at
home with a community that knows what it's like to be considered 'not
normal' and is all the more fabulous and fun for embracing it.

Tell us: Why do you love the Housewives? Which Bravo's Real Housewives cast would you want to be friends with: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta or New Jersey?

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