Portia and Ellen on the Meaning of "Wife"

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Cover Girl Ellen DeGeneres has it all. The award-winning, out talk show host celebrated her appearance alongside media legend Oprah on the cover of Oprah's O magazine this month by appearing on the Harpo queen's daytime show.

DeGeneres was joined by her wife, out actress Portia de Rossi, for the interview. The married couple expressed their doubtless devotion to one another, with DeGeneres saying she was certain she'd be with De Rossi “until the day I die.” The two gifted comedic actresses met and began dating in 2004. They were wed in a lavish, romantic ceremony in the summer of 2008, before voters passed Proposition 8, ending marriage equality in California.

Their marriage was celebrated with a popular People magazine cover spread.

An inspirational and trailblazing icon in the LGBT community, DeGeneres spoke about the great importance of having their union legally defined as a "marriage."

"The thing about being a gay couple is that in the past you referred to your wife and there was quotation marks around it. There was always that chance that people would kind of snicker about it," De Rossi said. "Now it's fact. It's law. She's my wife. I get to say that she's my wife, and that's just the way it is."

See a clip below of their first televised interview as wife and wife:

Tell us: What does marriage and calling your partner "husband" or "wife" mean to you?

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