Gay Love Scene in Xbox's Dragon Age


BY: Matt Bravos

Sophisticated video game creators have long hidden secret scenes and levels for their loyal players in popular games. In what seems to be a first, though, the new Xbox game Dragon Age contains a secret gay love scene players can unlock by saying just the right things to the warrior elf.

You can seduce the warrior elf by saying the right phrases, such as "I want to discuss something personal," according to Like we all haven't heard that code before.

Once you unlock the scene, you'll be invited inside the elf's tent where, the site's review says, you'll see something indeed new and unusual in the gaming world.

"With this bare-chested and unflinching portrayal, it feels as if the depiction of gay sex in video games has reached a new level of equal treatment. This is more than just a mincing gay pirate (Temple of Elemental Evil) or an evasive fade-to-black: there's choreography, tenderness, humor and even an element of sexual politics to Zevran's post-coital conversation."

See for yourself in the clip of the tryst below:

TELL US: Does this scene's inclusion excite you as a gaymer? Have you unlocked Dragon Age's secret scene?

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