TV 'Family Ties': Michael Gross Supports Meredith Baxter Coming Out


They really were the ultimate liberal, understanding mom and pop. We definitely would have wanted to be in the Keaton family ... and not just to be near Michael J. Fox.

Michael Gross, the actor who portrayed dad Steven Keaton opposite Meredith Baxter on the series Family Ties for seven seasons in the ’80s, has voiced his resolute support of his former TV wife.
Gross, who has known since 2005 that Baxter is a lesbian, told how pleased he was for her after she made the momentous decision to come out to the public at large this week.

"She's one of my favorite people in the world, and I'm just thrilled that it's no longer a secret, and that's about the size of it. I'm just thrilled this has happened because now my wife and I don't have to hide this from everybody we know. Occasionally people will say to us, 'Hey, Michael, you still see your co-star? How's she doing? Is there a man in her life?'

There is no man, and as Baxter told The Advocate and the Today show’s Matt Lauer, she is living very happily with her partner of four years, contractor Nancy Locke.

"Meredith's children are very accepting of this [her sexual orientation] and I myself have met Meredith's partner on numerous occasions,” Gross continued. “I've traveled with them. She's just a first-rate individual — and I like her a lot. My wife does as well.”

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