Tila Tequila: Twitter Too Crazy to Follow?

By: Gay.com

Tila Tequila, the erstwhile lesbian who’s been dominating headlines with her nonstop public commentary since the death of her supposed fiancée, Casey Johnson, has made a few especially erratic announcements on her official Twitter.

After her publicist quit, citing “recent events” as the cause, the Internet and reality star unleashed a series of posts claiming Tequila was gone and she was in fact “God’s Messenger and Angel disguised as A Human.”

The posts were later removed, but not before Gawker captured a screen shot:


She also announced that the pregnancy she often referred to, originally said to be a surrogacy baby for her brother, is actually her own child. Tequila posted that she and Johnson had planned to expand their family and thus impregnated the reality TV star via in vitro.

The former MySpace starlet then announced that an interview “with some hardcore folks” will air on CNN, presumably revealing new information about Tequila and her relationship with Johnson. The temptress teased, “First they booked for me CNN...then they cancelled, now I'm back on. I wonder what they want to know so bad? Oh wellzers....see u soon CNN!”

CNNPlanet Out could not find any corroboration of the her appearance on CNN at press time.

Shot at Love runner-up Dani Campbell blogged about her reflections on the media circus that’s enveloped Johnson’s death and Tequila’s possible motivations saying, “When I met her, she seemed so kind and real. I would hate to think that she’s now resorting to publicity stunts to keep herself in the public eye.”

TELL US: Do you believe Tila Tequila is a grief-stricken mess after losing her lover or simply a fame-seeking opportunist? Will you watch her interview(s)?

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