Ewan McGregor Doesn’t Think Homophobia Is Funny

By: Gay.com

Great Scot Ewan McGregor was a guest on Good Morning America to talk about his upcoming releases — Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer and I Love You Phillip Morris.

While McGregor seems taxed by GMA’s George Stephanopoulos throughout, he takes particular offense at Stephanopoulos’s casually homophobic snickering over a photo of McGregor kissing costar Jim Carrey after their French knighting ceremony.

"What is that about?" the GMA correspondent and former political adviser asked incredulously.

The increasingly turned-off McGregor replied blankly, "Well, that's just two men kissing,” and then struggled to comprehend the blatant small-mindedness of the supposed television professional. “It's, uh, in this age, in 2010,” he stammered, before continuing, “it's extraordinary that it's still an object of humor."


McGregor goes on to explain that he and Carrey starred as “two men who fall in love with each other in prison” in the interesting story of a prolific con man's life, lies, love and repeated prison escapes.

The lovable leading man and admirable actor also mentioned his penchant for flashing full frontal in his films in a recent interview with Out magazine, “I could understand saying ‘I would never do gratuitous nudity.’ Wait. No. I probably would. I’d probably be quite happy to.”

Three cheers for Ewan McGregor, right?

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