John Edwards' Mistress, Who Is Repulsive, Calls Her GQ Photos "Repulsive"

By: Zach Sire

What do you do after bearing former presidential candidate John Edwards' love child? Pose 1/2 nude with The Muppets and Dora The Explorer, of course.

Edwards' hippie mistress, Rielle Hunter, went bottomless in the new issue of GQ, but now she says the photos are "repulsive."

On The View this morning, Barbara Walters blabbed that Hunter called her "in tears" and claimed that she "screamed for two hours" when she first saw the photos. She went on to say that she thought the mag would have used more of the "beautiful headshots," but instead picked photos that would "hit one note."

This is a hard, hard lesson to learn for all you mistress whores out there. So be careful! Never take your pants off and pose with stuffed animals for a magazine and expect editors to use pictures of just your face.


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