Lady Gaga Ensures Safe Sex Gets ‘Proper Attire’


Always interested in promoting the health of her beloved “little monsters” (fans), pop super star Lady Gaga is excited to partner with designer Jeremy Scott to create a line of chic, designer condoms.

The prophylactics will come in shocking shades from electric pink to animal print, with the options of studded, ribbed or sheer varieties. "It’s not complicated, just a fashion statement," Gaga said of the venture. "Everybody wrap it up with Jeremy Scott for Proper Attire condoms."

The company promises their high fashion protection offers a "fun, bubbly texture that will put a smile on your face." The Advocate reports, proceeds from sales will benefit Planned Parenthood, with a three-pack of the condoms costing $5.99.”

In a campaign to bring sparkle to safe-sex, Proper Attire has also collaborated on featured designs by Alexander Wang, Brian Reyes, and pop artist Keith Haring.

TELL US: What’s your favorite condom brand? Would you prefer a pretty/fashionable one?

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