Constance McMillen psyched to grand marshal NYC Pride

By: Brodie

She may have been kept from attending prom with her peers, but LGBT teen hero Constance McMillen is getting more than just national attention for her activism.

After experiencing a whirlwind of media affection from major lesbian icons Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes, senior and honor student McMillen was granted a $30,000 scholarship and an invitation to introduce Sykes at the GLAAD Awards. Then the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition and gay celebs like Lance Bass and Cat Cora stepped up to fund a gay teen alternative prom so McMillen could finally take her girlfriend for a spin around the dance floor.

So what’s next for the tenacious teen?

New York City Pride
, of course! notes “the 4-mile march takes place June 27 and will include 350 groups and 500,000 participants.”

McMillen, as a grand marshal of the parade, will be celebrated alongside some of the most revered advocates of the gay rights movements. Fellow NYC Pride grand marshals are Lt. Dan Choi and Judy Shepard.


Constance McMillen and her simple stance for equality exemplify the roots of the movement, and I just love, love, love that the gay and lesbian community has rallied around her. Would it be too cheesy to cornball it up with a jubilant “You go, girl!”?

Images: DailyProfaner and NYC Pride

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