Constance McMillen Transfers High Schools Over Homophobia

By: Brodie

My favorite Mississippi lesbian teen, Constance McMillen, has had to switch school districts following homophobic harassment over her battle to bring her same-sex date to prom.

McMillen told the Associated Press she now attends a high school in Jackson, about 180 miles from her former school, Itawamba Agricultural High. So unfair and awful — after school officials tricked her and sent her to a “fake prom,” she faced further degradation at the hands of her peers and their parents.

AP reports:

The lesbian who sued her rural school district over its ban of same-sex prom dates has transferred to a school in Mississippi's capital.

McMillen filed a federal lawsuit against the Itawamba County School District in March over the district's decision to cancel the prom rather than allow her to bring her girlfriend. Afterward, McMillen said she faced hostility.She won't say which school she now attends, but she plans to graduate June 2.

Members of a fundamentalist church from Kansas say they'll protest the Itawamba graduation Saturday because they think parents didn't teach their children to condemn homosexuality.

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