What’s In a Name?

By: Joe Thompson


You’ve heard of a bubble butt or of someone having “junk in the trunk,” but at Gay.com we have our own special names to describe booties. So for your weekend enjoyment, we present you with some of our favorites:

Pop Tart
A twink’s bum that pops out because he’s arching his back

The Shelf (a.k.a. the Nightstand, the Card Table, the Diaper-Changing Station)
Any butt that looks like you should be setting items on it for display

Sugar Smack
A sweet little thing you just want to spank!

Jacked-Up Bubble Butt

A man with no butt, as though his back was hit by a hatchet and just split into two legs

A salty Latino

A bottom that seems to slide off the owner’s back and into his pants

Rock Candy
A hard bum that looks sweet

The Dairy Queen
Milky white, and fat—specifically on a gay man

A butt so big, you have to dive in deep to find the hole

The Big Mac
A nice, large bootie you just want to... well, you can figure this one out.



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