Bruce Willis Smells Sexy and You Can Too

By: Brodie

Bruce Willis is over fifty and still a super sexy star. Admit it, from Moonlighting, to Pulp Fiction, to Cop Out, he always looks hot and nobody does gruffly charming better. 

Apparently, Willis also has “the manliest scent in the world.”

The action buff co-stars in this summer’s epic The Expendables and is releasing his first signature scent collection on July 8th. We've got the details on what eau de Bruce smells like: reports Willis is releasing a line of eau de parfum, deodorant, shave balm, plus hair and body wash with German company LG Health & Beauty Systems. Their CEO, Tilo Plöger swears, "I personally feel that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world."

Eau de Bruce contains notes of grapefruit, pepper, and vetiver (whatever that is) and the Hollywood veteran’s face appears in the ads alongside the tagline: Smart Guys Live Forever.

The hot star is also the subject of rap group Jeep Cherokee’s tribute song “I’m Bruce Willis.” Check out the video:

I'm Bruce Willis from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Image: Racked