Justin Timberlake’s William Rast Collection for Target

By: Brodie

Fashionable males, get ready! Justin Timberlake’s high-end menswear is going to be in Target stores this winter.  (Wonder if equality supporter Timberlake knows about the gay boycott looming for the super store?)

Find out the details on the new collection below.

My_name_is_william_rast_justin_ti_2WWD.com says “exclusive men’s and women’s collections” will appear in most Target stores begging December 19 – January 22. It will also be available online. 

“Our guests have varied tastes and this collection provides the perfect mix of rocker attitude and laid-back appeal for men and women everywhere at affordable prices,” said Target spokeswoman Katie Heinze.

“The collection for Target was inspired by the essence of the William Rast brand,” CEO Colin Dyne adds. “The iconography of biker culture and American denim heritage.”

Yay for hotter clothes in the mens department of Tar-gay!