BREAKING: Poppers Manufacturer Kills Himself

By: Joe Thompson

That heady wave of tingling heat, relaxed excitement, and intense connection—and that tacky yellowish ring around your nostrils—could be a thing of the past now that the company making Rush Poppers has apparently closed its doors.

According to This Is FYF, the company shuttered its doors recently and if you wanted to get that last bottle you'd better rush out today. (Yeah, that's right, I made a lame joke about rushing out to get your Rush poppers. Sue me.)

Now it turns out that the company's owner actually killed himself, possibly following a raid on his business.

Images For the uninitiated, poppers kind of smell like crushed black ants and rubbing alcohol. People inhale the fumes during sex by opening the small glass bottle, carefully placing it by a nostril, inhaling deeply and (trying to) carefully put the lid back on; people who let the moist lip of the bottle touch their skin can get a yellowish ring on the nostril.

Poppers reportedly deliver a dizzying head rush and elevate the sexual experience and orgasm. They're also rumored to help one relax, making anal sex easier and more enjoyable. The jury is out on that point, but there are those who argue that poppers contribute to the spread of HIV and other STDs because people make bad choices when high on them. It is proven that mixing poppers with Viagra, Levitra and similar performance drugs can kill you.

87ClintonJoe Poppers were super popular in the 1970s and '80s, and while they're not as popular nowadays, they're still sold at adult stores and smoke shops.

Joe Miller (pictured left with President Clinton) owned Rush Liquid Incense—also known as RUSH poppers. He was a gay man living in Indiana who apparently made his fortune from the production and distribution of poppers. He donated a lot of money to various liberal causes and started the Indiana Stonewall Democrats, but he was considered controversial because he'd made his fortune off a product closely associated with drugs and sex. According to a comment on Ruth Holladay's blog, Miller's company was raided and he killed himself shortly thereafter, but we haven't been able to find anything to back up that claim.

The Indianapolis Star briefly posted a story about the death, then pulled it from the website. You can read the cached version here.

While there are other brands of poppers on the market and new ones will undoubtedly pop up, at the moment it looks like RUSH and it's mascot, Captain Rush, are no more.

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