WTF? Cindy McCain Flip-Flops on DADT

By: Michael Matson

Guess we spoke too soon when we said Cindy McCain was becoming as cool as daughter Meghan for saying DADT leads to anti-gay bullying. In  a reversal of the position she took in the new NOH8 Campaign video, Mrs. McCain now stands by her husband's position to uphold DADT—though neither of their pro-DADT positions make any sense. "Maverick" McCain's already won his reelection bid for the Senate, and 70% of Americans support repealing DADT. Why does the man who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world insist on holding firm against a repeal? And Cindy has no reason to defer to the Senator—she's the one with all the money!

Read her change of heart tweet below.



Click here to watch her previous stance in the NOH8 Campaign video.