Holigay Gift Guide Sheer and Sexy “ooo” Condoms

By: Brodie

Somewhere in the middle of our third consecutive sack-session of the night, my current boyfriend cried out, “Ohmigod! Best. Condoms. EVER!”

Initially excited by “ooo” Condoms' chic packaging, we were pleasantly surprised to find out first 'hand' that the true prize is their exceptionally sheer sensation.

These prophylactics are the full package.

  Take me with belly band_c

The flirty “Take Me” gift set ($24.95, Above) is the perfect present for that special sexy someone(s) and an Art of Lust ‘Rock Me’ set ($9.95, Top left) or some signature chic, silver singles ($1.99) fit snugly as a seductive stocking stuffer. These beautifully packaged condoms, designed so you can "do it in style," feel even better than they look!

For superior safe sex on every level- appearance, scent, and sensation- gift wrap up some “ooo” Condoms and you can bet that the lucky guy you give them to will be groaning with delight.