Holigay Gift GuidePhilips Bodygroom Clipper & Video

By: Joe Thompson

A great stocking-stuffer (a term that always makes me giggle) for yourself or a very close friend is some kind of nice, high-end clippers. Because let's face it: even guys who like body hair don't always want to hit the hay with a man sporting two eggs and a chicklet in a bushy nest.

So we looked online for a reasonably priced device and came across a genius video for the Philips Bodygroom—which only vaguely resembles the clippers in this guy's hand. (See, we knew you'd care about seeing a hot guy trimming himself first and the actual clippes second. You're welcome.)

Check out the two styles of clippers below, along with the fun video that talks about how to trim your various boy parts.

Get more info on the Bodygroom Pro Grooming System ($69.99) and the Professional BodyGrooming System ($42.77).