Big Mac, Fries, anda Large Order of Gay, Please.


Trying to cruise Ronald McDonald in Auckland? Not so fast, young homo!

Last week, McDonald’s restaurants in New Zealand came under fire for blocking certain gay and lesbian-oriented websites. The fast food giant deemed these destinations as not being family-friendly and decided that users of its newly installed Wi Fi services could not access them.

Now, New Zealand-based news site reports that the Golden Arches revisited their policy.

Well, sort of...

Hamburglar_final reports that McDonald’s, which now claims to be the largest free internet service provider in New Zealand, altered its policy against LGBT sites and now allows access to destinations like Rainbow Youth and Agender. However, the country’s leading gay news provider, GayNZ, remains banned from the restaurants.

What other sites got the big red clown boot? stated, “A check revealed a number of other gay-related sites such as, and did not work.” This means no one at McDonald’s is currently reading this story.

Christine Dennis, the company’s communication manager, told in an email, “McDonald’s is struggling with some of the content…” going on to say that some advertisements appearing on sites like GayNZ “are sexually explicit” and “they do not meet our ‘family or child friendly’ criteria.”

Guess the Hamburglar and Grimace won’t be getting their daily dose of Eye Candy for a while.