Danny Pintauro Peddles Tupperware?

By: Joe Thompson

Oh the many faces of Danny Pintauro, former Who's the Boss? child star who grew from adorable cutie to crushingly handsome. We've long kept him on our radar, so when a friend told us he had a Tupperware video we knew we had to see it.

What we didn't expect is that it would be real.

In what's probably the most randomly fun moment of the week, Pintauro released a YouTube video with info on how you can hire him to come to your house, host a Tupperware Party, and buy his plastic balls bowls. And it's legit, like with a Tupperware page, contact info and everything.

Hire Pintauro as himself, as a nelly queen, dressed in drag, and many other outstanding options. Check out the video then leave a comment on how we can best use him for a future Gay.com party. Because this is way too good an opportunity to pass up!

Don't forget the info:
[email protected]