Michael Musto to Calvin Klein:You're embarrassing the gay community.

By: Joe Thompson

Fashion designer Calvin Klein is throwing a birthday bash for model Nicholas Gruber—the former porn star who has been long-rumored to be Klein's new boyfriend.

Well, Michael Musto is having none of it.

Musto500 According to Advocate.com, the Village Voice columnist wrote in his Friday column that Klein is "embarrassing the whole community,"—both about this party and for hiding in the closet.

"Remember when you suddenly had a wife because, as AIDS made it uncool to be gay, you took the wussy way out and closeted yourself so you could sell more T shirts and perfume?" Musto wrote. "Now you've hooked up with that almost-21-year-old ex-porn star, Nick Gruber, and you're fawning over him as if this were real love and not a massive late-life crisis being acted out for the horrified masses. It's not going to work!"

Ouch! Check out Musto's request for Klein to go back in the closet.

Oh, in case you're (bi) curious, Gruber was also known as Aaron Skyline, who did "straight" work on Next Door Hookups, solo gigs on Next Door Male, a gay scene with Mason Wyler, and a big ol' five-way on Next Door Buddies. Some NSFW samples are here.