Knock Out With Your C**k Out

By: Joe Thompson

How we missed this gem, I have no idea.

For World AIDS Day 2010 the organization Don't Forget AIDS released an online video game called Cock Out. The description: "The user takes part in a virtual boxing match against the diabolical human immunodeficiency virus." So a rubber-clad penis boxes an animated HIV character to see who wins.

Yeah, when we heard that we thought it a crazy concept and almost moved on. I mean, seriously: How is that silly idea going to educate users, especially the young guys who enjoy these online games?

Um, I guess by being incredibly engaging. What makes this game so unique is that it's not played using a keyboard or joystick, but instead with the user's penis that's inside a special condom.

Check out the video, which explains how the campaign worked. It's fascinating. It's also kind of NSFW depending on your employer. You see a little tushy here and there, and there's a non-graphic animated penis that's more funny than horrifying—but it's all pretty harmless.