Gay Marriage Win: Vote For Gay Couple in Crate & Barrel’s “Ultimate Wedding” Contest

By: Brodie

Because a vote for Robbie Cronrod and Allen Artcliff to win Crate & Barrel's "Ultimate Wedding" contest is a chance to shine a national spotlight on marriage equality.

The L.A. couple needs your vote to win a $100,000 wedding in Crate and Barrel's "Ultimate Wedding" contest. The gay couple is already in second place and with our virtual push, could become the first same-sex couple to win the store’s competitive contest.

While the lovers look forward to celebrating a Boston ceremony with a big bash in L.A. surrounded by friends and family should they win, they’re more invested in putting a face, and a victory, out there for marriage equality.

The happy couple recently recounted their love story and path through the contest with the and allowed them to post this adorable video of Cronrod’s grandparents voicing their support for gay marriage!

_MG_0173_Final Check it out below:

On the dream wedding plans:
Allen: Since we can’t legally get married in L.A., the plan is to go back to Boston and have our ceremony and come back to Los Angeles to have the party and celebrate with all our friends and family and all the media that’s been supporting us.

Their motivation to enter and hopefully win Crate & Barrel’s contest:
Robbie: Because everyone keeps seeing marriage equality in the news, but everything you see in the news is generally about a judge, a politician, or a courtroom and we wanted to do this to put a face on marriage equality. We thought it was really important for people to see a couple that’s been in a loving relationship and who cares about each other and really wants to get married. It’s why we entered the contest, it’s why we’re trying to win. Because we know if we win they’ll be media attention over a gay couple winning a national competition. We think it’s really important for the general public to see a gay couple, a lesbian couple, in a relationship. That it’s not about sex, it’s about two people in love. What I keep saying to everyone is that I asked Artcliff to marry me, I didn’t ask him to domestic partnership or civil partnership me. And it’s really unfortunate that I can’t marry him in California and most of the other states.


Watch this sweet video from Cronrad’s grandparents in support of gay marriage:

Click here to vote for Cronrod and Artcliff or to read more about the contest.

Read the full interview with Robbie and Allen on now.

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