A Champ VIP Q&A: Bartley’s Big Win

By: Gay.com

After fearlessly taking the top spot in our first VIP finals a few months ago, Bartley, a dachshund/chihuahua mix, shares what life in the spotlight and winning the swanky VIP prize pack have meant to him.

Bartley, who lives with his two daddies in New York City after being rescued, was kind enough to answer a few questions and send in some new, super cute pics of this dog’s life.

Gaycom: What did you win for being the top VIP?
Bartley: I got a GREAT prize pack, which included toys, treats, new water dishes, and some other fun things. I especially liked the shiny black collar with my name on it!

IMG_1061 What really gets your tail wagging?
My favorite thing to do is to dig in the dirt, but for some reason my dads don't really like it when I dig up the plants in the garden. I also love to wrestle with other dogs and roll around in the grass. And of course, my tail wags the most when one of my dads gets home from either work or class :)
Are you currently in the dog house with someone or sniffing around for a commitment?
I have a couple close friends from the dog park, but for now I'm not ready to settle down. I'm only 11 months old!

Has your life changed since your brush with fame on Gay.com?
Of course!  All the other pups recognize me at the dog park. But I'm happy to play with anyone, so I don't mind the attention!

IMG_1213 Do you have any suggestion for the new VIP nominees?
Show off your body! Don't include a picture that covers you up too much--people want to see you in all your glory.

In the vain of the game "marry, boff or kill," which of the following would you mount, sniff or growl? Lassie, Benji, Beverly Hills Chihuahua
I like to hump dogs that are a lot bigger than me, so I would mount Lassie. I would sniff Benji, because I think we could be friends. So I guess I would growl at the Beverly Hills Chihuahua--and I say that even though I'm half chihuahua myself!

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