(Accidental) Gay Pride in Afghanistan

By: Joe Thompson

File this one under "Amazeballs."

According to The Advocate, the Afghan Pajhwak news agency reported on a recent trend of rainbow flags flying high and adorning cars throughout the city of of Kabul, Afghanistan. Were gays suddenly getting a piece in the Middle East?

Not so much. After the news agency sent a reporter out to talk with drivers about proudly declaring their support for gay rights, it was revealed that none of them had any idea what the rainbow stickers meant. Turns out, the stickers had first arrived on secondhand cars imported from Canada. Afghans simply assumed this was a new fashion fad, and before you can say, "So you're gay, eh?" they had adopted the symbol for themselves.

Sadly, in the days following the Pajhwak article, the stickers and flags were removed en masse.