Puppy Love: Cheyenne Jackson and His “Best Girl” Zora

By: Gay.com

As if we didn’t already adore Cheyenne Jackson enough, turns out he may just be the most devoted celebrity doggie dad ever.

The talented Broadway, film, and TV star just can't stop talking about the life-changing joys he’s grateful to have experienced since adopting his Rottweiler-mix, Zora, as a puppy.

Zora, who gets swimming lessons and sometimes stars in OUT magazine photo shoots, is named after Zora Neale Hurston," Jackson reveals, "because she's a strong black girl from Harlem." The proud pup parent often refers to Zora as his "hairy daughter" and keeps her close, accompanying him daily to work, whether he’s on stage or shooting 30 Rock or Glee.

"She hangs out in the dressing room and hears my voice on the monitor,” Jackson’s said. “She's like therapy... She's really touched my life. I think having a dog makes you more compassionate."

Not only is Jackson a truly stand-up owner of an adoptee, he also never misses a Broadway Barks event to promote pet adoption.

Here’s a sampling of the unbelievably sweet photos of the dreamy Jackson with Zora and other furry friends.

Be warned, he's a frequent puppy-kisser. Cuteness abounds:

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