Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift Guide

By: Gay.com

Forget sending flowers or a simple card-- this is your Mama’s one day a year to be showered with appreciation and great gay men everywhere should step up to really show their Mommy Dearest how much they care.

Never fear, Gay.com is here with a selection of creative, thoughtful, and of course, super fabulous gift ideas to make sure Mom has the best Mother’s Day ever this weekend.

  • Mothers-day-spa1 Spa Day: It’s simple, classic, and totally chic. Let Mom relax while people pamper her for a change. Book her a private massage and then meet her for a Mother/Son mani + pedi or fancy facial time. You can bond and relax, all at once.
  • Cook/Craft Class: Enroll you and Ma in an exotic cooking specialty class, bartending workshop, cake decorating class, or scrap booking meet-up. Make sure you have necessary tools then look forward to learning something new together and opening communication channels as you go.
  • Betty-white-snl-golden-girls

  • Thank you for being a friend [Marathon], Ma: Low key, homebody Mom? Stay in with her for a fun movie/DVD/Blu-ray marathon on the couch. Order take out or make a frozen pizza pie, bring over your PJs and slippers (maybe gift Mom with a new pair?), and make sure you have a favorite collection on hand for viewing like The Golden Girls, Designing Women, The Cosby Show, Murder She Wrote, The Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace, etc. Press play and let the rest of the world melt away!
  • Blow-dry-hair-volume Mom Makeover: Of you are a stylish son (or just a product junkie), treat Mom to a make over. Make her an appointment for a blow out or highlights and makeup application, then take her shopping for splurge-worthy shoes. Take the newly madeover lady out for a cocktail or two to debut the new her.
  • Gift Of Entertainment: This is one you can both enjoy equally: Score tickets to a special concert or upcoming show and ask Mom to be your date. A special event out gives you both a new memory and a rare opportunity to enjoy the arts together.
  • Picnic_basket_copy Picnic in the Park: You don’t have to spend a lot or scurry all over town to impress dear old Mom. Plan a backyard picnic or pick up Mom and take her to the park with your blanket and basket already packed. Pay her back for all the sack lunches and home cooked meals through the years with a spread or snacks she loves (like cheeses, pastries/cupcakes, or her favorite fresh fruit, etc.), tea sandwiches, wine or champagne, and so on. A DIY picnic comes from the heart, a gesture she won’t soon forget.
  •  Prettywoman2Pretty Woman Your Mom: Surprise your Mom by taking her to a fancy store  to pick out a dress/dinner outfit [Note: many department stores offer personal shoppers by appointment at no charge if you need help styling Ma]. Swing by the make up or jewelry counter for some fresh instant glam, then take Mommy to a swanky dinner. She’ll feel like the belle of the ball, just like Pretty Woman… minus that whole hooker thing.
  • Theme Night: Surprise your Mommy with an adventurous agenda. Have both Line_dancing_770449-280x210of you put on your best cowboy boots and take her to the local line dancing bar or play tourists and check out the museum or historical sites in your area. Tour a winery, try a new cuisine, or see a foreign film at an art house theater. Hike a breathtaking, senic trail or take a golf/tennis/poker lesson together. Refresh your mother/son dynamic while enjoying a hobby.
  • Gay Sunday Brunch: If your friends would just love your Mom, introduce everyone! Host or hit up the hot brunch spot for the Sunday special, and bring Mother along. Everyone can enjoy a cocktail and have a gay ole time. Plus: all Moms love buffets.