Lady Gaga Sued Over Sales of Bracelets for Japan Earthquake Charity

By: Jase Peeples

Moments before Mother Monster took the stage to perform in Saturday night’s Japan disaster relief benefit concert, she was slapped with a lawsuit over alleged dishonesty selling wristbands benefiting the same cause.

According to reports, the “Edge of Glory” singer is being accused of pocketing a portion of the profit made from sales of her “We Pray for Japan” wristbands—even though her web site claimed all proceeds would be donated to help victims of the March earthquake and tsunami.

Gaga_japan2 Additional complaints filed on Friday have also accused Gaga of increasing shipping charges in order to keep even more cash and then reporting artificially inflated donation numbers by including the pocketed profits in her donation figures.

As of this writing Gaga has yet to answer the lawsuit, but if the claims are true, the singer could find herself in hot water for violating federal racketeering laws and several consumer protection laws as well. Also this could serve to tarnish the generous reputation she’s built donating to other charities and her sincerity in fighting for various causes.