House Proud

House Proud: Success!

By: Rob Hebert

Last we left Rob and Clark they were looking at a beautiful house in the historic Margaret Mitchell neighborhood. Rob sent an update.

We found a nice fixer-upper. This place reads like it’s too good to be true, with 4 beds and 4 baths, big yard, high ceilings, open floor plan, in-law suite. I mean, it was everything and more.

It’s a mid-century modern home that reminds me of The Brady Bunch house. Only one problem. The previous owners fully committed to the early 1980’s style: brass and black fixtures, smoked-mirror bar, vanilla kitchen and baths, wall to wall carpeting— even in the kitchen! I mean, who does that?

People say that when you walk into the house you should buy, you will know it right away. I wasn’t sure, but Clark had eyes for it. We’re on the same page as far as what the renovations would be, so things started feeling really, really exciting. And since the place has potential, we put in an offer that was 70k under asking price. The previous owners put in a counter offer, and since there are no other offers on the table we played the game to get the best price possible.

Then— BOOM!—everything happened at once.

Our offer was accepted, we brought in a few contractors and started getting a sense of how much it’s going to cost to renovate the place to our satisfaction. We estimate $80k, which is $60K more than we’ve got to spend so it’s time to get creative!  Plus, we want to stick with our goal of only using gay-owned or gay-friendly businesses and contractors because that’s really important to us.

We've even started some demo— check out this picture of me in the destruction—and we'll send more photos of the house soon. Right now we need a glass of champagne to toast our purchase.

Next time – Renovation begins...


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