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House Proud: Kitchen Confidential

By: Rob Hebert

We moved into the house yesterday and things are looking incredible! While we still have various jobs being completed in the renovation, enough has been done so that we can live in the house. However, the biggest and final job left is getting the kitchen refaced.

We decided to have our kitchen cabinets refaced by a subcontractor from The Home Depot. At first, we wanted an all-new kitchen from Ikea. They look amazing and seem to be pretty affordable. Then we heard from a friend about some of the advantages of refacing and that made us think again. Refacing is almost always a huge savings, gives the look of completely new cabinets, results in less garbage, and is a much simpler process than creating a new kitchen. The process is much simpler, too. You just call in a refacing expert, pick your finishes (the selection is incredible), and they figure out all of the logistics.

When Clark and I calculated what a new kitchen installed by Ikea would cost, we realized we were saving a lot of money (and we NEEDED to save money) going the other route. So we decided to reface the laundry room and the hall linen closet as well.

Home Depot hooked us up with one of their fabulous consultants- Sally Corona Stabile. She was awesome in helping us pick out the finishes we needed for our dream kitchen.

Here are some pictures of us in the ugly kitchen working with Sally to plan our black and white kitchen makeover. And... spoiler alert... we've got a picture of the counters that have already been installed in preparation for the refacers. (Carrara marble. Our obsession.) The refacing coming comes tomorrow.

Up next, our first bathroom gets completed.


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