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Between the Sheets with JOHNATHON

By: Joe Thompson

Before you get too excited, this man is not Johnathon. He's a model for JOHNATHON, a new brand of couture sheets that are made in Los Angeles.

What's the story? Fashion photographer Johnathon Abrielle wasn't loving the expensive European frilly sheets or the boring cheap ones he found at local bedding stores, so he would create his own is own perfect sheet. "Sheets that were indulgent and pure, made for both men and women," the press release states. "Sheets that would be the best thing you could put next to your skin. Sheets that wouldn’t just compliment your room, but more importantly, would compliment you."

Being in Los Angeles, Abrielle's sheets have taken off with some celeb clients, though he's not at liberty to say which ones. It doesn't hurt that he's created this sexy promotional video with a seriously smoking hot stud lazily lounging about. It's long (The video, not "that"... Or maybe it is. We don't know for sure.) and at times NSFW because you get a couple bootie shots, so practice responsible viewing.

Check it out, and for more info on the sheets visit