Dating Bradford: The Double Take


En route to the ice machine at Hotel Del Coronado in sunny San
Diego, I pass a handsome guy with his bucket full. We smile as we pass,
making eyes in gay acknowledgement. Then I turn to see if he might do a
double take. He does, but then what?

In New York, I make
eye contact a hundred times a day as I pass men on the street. Mostly
they ignore me, sometimes they shake their head slightly as if to say,
"Not gay, don't play." Occasionally I'll hear a muttered "faggot" under
their breath, or even a boisterous, "What the fuck are you lookin'

Then there are those who smile. These get my smile in return, and every once in a while, I'll get the double take.
Often this is the end of it. We New Yorkers, with our overscheduled
lives (ever the busy bees are we) are forever on our way to a very
important something, like my spinning class at David Barton Gym, for example.

rarely waste 30 seconds in an attempted interchange with one of a
million hypothetical possibilities when, we think, there will always be
more. We feel satisfied in knowing that we look good enough to attract
attention, possibly even more, when fresh out of the steam room and
smelling of eucalyptus aromatherapy and Bumble & Bumble hair
product. So away we go.

When I'm outside New York, my
rules relax in time with my pace. On this particular day at Hotel Del,
with my ice bucket still empty, I turned on my ruby heels and went in
for the kill.

"Hey, Iceman," I said. "Where you
go-ith?" This got him to laugh, and we exchanged flirtatious small talk
in his open doorway. There were mutual furtive glances toward the bed,
but in the end our schedules conflicted, and away we went.

I got back to my room later, there was a note slipped under my door
saying, "I'm free after 10, if you want to 'have a drink.' Call me. --

I smiled and dialed, and thought that had I not acted on the double take, I might be sipping complimentary red, alone in bed.

got me wondering if others have similar experiences, or is it just us
brazen hussies with a desire to acquire? Suppose you're shy, and would
never approach a stranger in public? Perhaps you're attached, and not
in a position to proposition?

So I pose the question:

How have you handled the "double take," and what were the results?

(Photo: Bradford Noble)