Freshpair's Holiday Pics!

11.13.2008 President Michael Kleinmann gives his top 4 underwear picks for the holidays:

Gift-giving season is almost upon us again. Basically, buying gifts gives me an excuse to shop myself silly and buy every single thing I want. Then I can feel good about it later when I give those things away to my fabulous friends. And I can also feel good about the things I decide to keep because no one will ever be the wiser when I decide that one gift is just too special to give away.

Here are a few of the coolest gifts for the season. But be careful, they’re all high-risk items for things you could end up hiding in your own stocking.

Underwear_bjorn What could be better than unzipping and finding a whole bunch of trophies?

Underwear_2xistThe new 2xist Retro Collection is one of the hottest new/old looks of the year!

Underwear_dknyWeekend pinstripes for all my friends who need more than their weekday pinstripe suits.

Underweart_sport_low_riseAnd for my macho friends, there’s Macho.

Michael Kleinmann