One Exercise For The Whole Body


If you're looking to make your workouts more effective within a
limited time frame, you need to perform exercises that work more than
one muscle group. Better yet, do a total-body exercise. This will get
your breathing and heart rate going faster than a half-off sale at
Barneys! Not to mention you'll look like one heck of a fitness maniac
while doing it. Just be careful not to whimper too loudly from the
burning in every single muscle on your body!

Start off holding a
medicine ball in both hands at chest level with both feet a little
wider than hip-width apart. Toss the medicine ball up above your head,
fully extending your arms as you release the ball. As you catch the
ball, squat down, making sure you keep your knees in line with your
toes. (Do not let the knees go inward). In one movement, lean forward
at the bottom of the squat and place the ball on the ground while
shooting your legs backward so that you are in a pushup position.
Perform one pushup while keeping your elbows in toward your sides. Jump
your feet in toward your upper body so that you are back in a squat

Straighten your legs and toss the ball above the head, repeating the entire movement 10-15 times. Perform three sets.

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Bobby_solorio_1A.C.E.- and N.A.S.M.-certified, Bobby Solorio has been personal training for over 10 years. You might recognize him from Bravo TV's "Kathy Griffin: My Life
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