Pull it Off: Style on a Budget

By: Gay.com

Have you ever seen a model on a runway or in a magazine spread wearing that perfect designer outfit that is so outside your price range that even trying to replicate it seems fruitless? 

Or maybe you've seen a more outlandish look on a model and thought to yourself, "I could work that, only better." 

Now we want you to put your creativity to the test and your money where your mouth is. 

We'll inspire you with a hot, designer look from fashion week, and in return you will recreate or reinterpret it -- while still maintaining the outfit's original integrity -- on a shoestring budget.  But now you're only half-way done.

Next, you will strike your best pose in your sexy new look, send us a clear snap shot, and tell us what appealed to you most about the original look, how you constructed it on the cheap (where you purchased the clothes and accessories and how little they cost), how comfortable you are in your new creation, and where you would wear it out. 

Pull_it_off_2Ok so first up:  See the picture to the left here of the hunk modeling a piece from the fall/winter 2008 Kornerd collection?  Do you think you can you pull it off?  Don't tell us, show us! 

Go out to thrift stores, Target or even just rummage through your closet and try to replicate this look.  Send your photos to [email protected] and make sure you answer the following questions:

Sexual Orientation:

What inspired you to recreate the runway look in the photo, yourself?

Tell us how you brought the look together.  Where did you purchase the items and how much did they cost?

For which occasions would you wear this outfit?

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NOTE: By submitting your photo, you represent that you are 18 years of age or older, that any pictures submitted are of you alone and that you give us permission to use the photos for promotional purposes at no cost or expense to us. Thanks!