Cable Flies, Version 2.1


Step into any gym and you will find that one of the most popular
pieces of equipment is the cable station. A variety of exercises can be
performed on this equipment; probably the exercise most often seen
there is the cable fly. The fly is a great chest-shaping exercise that
not only works the pecs but also hits the shoulders and requires core
stabilization. However, if you want to really pump up that chest and
add your triceps into the mix, then try this updated version of the
cable fly.

There are six specific movements within this
exercise. Grab both handles at a cable station and stand in a split
stance, one foot in front of the other, in the center of the station.
Initiate your core by pulling in your belly button as far as it will
go. Keep your chest lifted and try not to lean forward.

With your arms extended, slowly bring your hands in toward the midline
of your body until your hands meet directly in front of your chest.
This movement is often described as "hugging a barrel." But if it helps
to think of hugging a barrel-chested man, then please feel free. Make
sure you don't lift your shoulders as you bring your hands together.

2. This is where things get interesting. With your hands together, slowly bring the handles to your chest.

Once your hands are touching your chest, slowly separate them about six
inches or until the handles are in line with your shoulders. You should
feel a stretch in your chest in this position.

4. Bring your hands together once again in front and touching your chest.

5. With the handles together, slowly extend your arms forward until your arms are straight in front of you.

6. With control, separate the handles and return to the starting position with your arms extended to the side.

Perform three sets of 10-12 reps each.

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