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as he answers our Dating questions.

Tell us about your first relationship? How long did it last? Whose heart got broken, if anyone's?

First relationship was at high school with my best friend lasted 5 years no broken hearts we are still friends.

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? Tell us about it

Yes my most recent ex was arrested doing a "George Michael" in a public rest room. I had to bail him out, it still hurts.

 Describe the type of guy you're most attracted to.

Fun guys, with great sense of humour,around my own age preferred but not essential

What was your best date ever?

With a Swedish tourist while the Sydney Olympics were on in 2000. Was great to show someone my city who was seeing it for the first time.

What do you consider to be your favorite kind of date

A date where there are minimal people, a day bush the beach...dinner and a show maybe.

When does sex usually come into the picture when you meet someone?

Depends on the person. I'm very physical though so it usually dosen't take long

JackarooWhat are you attracted to in a person that others might find surprising? (Big nose? Small teeth? Baldness?)

Glasses turn me on.

What's the worst thing about dating?

Trying to maintain sane conversation.

What's the best thing about dating?

The expectation...that stomach flutter thing that happens.

Are you the usually the dumper or the dumpee?

Bit of bot.

What's the cheesiest pick-up line you've used ... that's worked?

"Can you talk to me for a bit, I'm being stalked by a guy"

What's the best line someone's given you and did it work?

"Hello when I come back in a future life I want it to be as your briefs" it didn't work.

What's the worst line you've gotten?

"Hi are you top or bottom?"

Do you tend to meet more people online or in bars?

Now its online, but I still go to bars sometimes.

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