Ugly Gets its Comeuppance


Anyone who has been to a stadium here in the U.S. to watch two rival teams go at it, or anyone who has sat in the bleachers at Wrigley, knows well how ugly some fans’ comments and chants can get.

Over in the U.K., they are taking this sort of thing a bit more seriously than we do here.  The Hampshire police are looking for sixteen football fans (that’s soccer over here) who, during a game between Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth, greeted Portsmouth defender Sol Campbell with chants of:

“He’s big, he’s black, he takes it up the crack!”

Lots of other racial and homophobic chants were hurled, and as a result, the Hampshire police posted photos of sixteen of the “brilliant lads” in hopes of getting the public to find them.  To date, two have been arrested.

Soccer_fans Both the police, and, more importantly (it seems to me) the Football Association that governs this league, are taking this crap seriously.  Both specifically pointed to the despicable content of the chants as both racist and homophobic.  Europe knows all too well the potential negative effects of racism and homophobia (Nazis showed European folks what this crap can lead to) and the lethal combination this sort of behavior can have in the context of football matches.