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Your body type most resembles Randy, Paula or Simon?
hmmm, well, if it has to be between all of em, I'd have to say Paula.

Because #1) I have never seen Simon with his clothes off #2) I don't wanna see Randy with his clothes off and #3) if it came down to it, I think Paula could kick both of their asses.

 How long have you been exercising seriously? 

Since High School.  I Swam, Dove and Played Water Polo in High school and College, but didn't start lifting weights until college.

How fit do you consider yourself?
I consider myself in pretty good shape, though I'm always striving to be in better shape, especially cardiovascular wise.

What do you do to stay/get fit?
I jog or go on the elliptical trainer in the mornings for at least 30 minutes and then I hit the gym for a good weight lifting session for at least an hour about 3-5 days a week.

When were you in the best shape of your life?

I was in the best shape of my life when I was in college.  I worked out everyday, swam God awful distances.  The practices were brutal, but I was in kick ass shape.

What do you think about the gym/gym culture? 
The gym here definitely has some cliques.  I think that gym culture usually has a negative stigma to it, especially from those who have never stepped into a gym before.  People tend to be intimidated by the gym and get the feeling that everybody is staring at them, so I usually do my best to introduce people to the gym and teach them that everybody had to start somewhere.

What's your favorite body part on yourself? How do you target it?
Fave part? Well, I have two, but they are pretty close: my triceps and my shoulders.  I've always had naturally big triceps and shoulders and they are pretty strong, thus being easy to work as well.  Shrugs help and so do tricep pushdowns.

What's your least favorite? How do you target it?
Least favorite would be back, but I force myself to do it.  I usually think to myself "hmm, which muscle group do I NOT want to work out today?" then i go do that one. lol.

What is your ideal weight?

My ideal weight would hover about 200lbs, with very lil fat.

What's your workout secret?
Honestly, there really is no "secret", you just have to force yourself to go.  The main reason why people's routines fall apart, is when their routine stops being a "routine". The gym once a month isn't going to cut it, people.

Are you going for long and lean or big and buff?
I guess I am already at the "big and buff" stage, or that is what people tell me. I'd like to maintain now.

What is your diet secret? Tell us what you eat on a regular basis.
Diet secret? hahahha.. I wish I could say.  When I'm leaning out, I tend to go on a high protein low carb, low sodium diet. When bulking up, I tend to each whatever is in sight.

Buckinsj_1What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
Fried foods.

What do you wear to the gym? Is it important?
Usually a sleeveless T (to keep cool, because I tend to get pretty hot) and shorts.  I don't think it's important, though my gym partner says I am usually color coordinated.

Have you ever injured yourself? How did you get past that? 
One time, I was practicing diving while I was back in college.  Don't ask, but I was doing flips on my bed.  I landed on my neck and was unable to turn right for 4 weeks! HAHAHA Lesson learned.

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