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Which political figure throughout history do you admire most and why?

JFK, because he came into power during a very difficult time and has inspired us for the past 4 decades.

Are gay rights more important than other political issues to you personally?

No, but it is my focus now more then ever, after the passage of Amendment 2 here in Florida( and prop 8 in CA). It should be very alarming to all fair minded people, when we legalize discrimination.

If you loved everything about a candidate and then found out he or she opposed same-sex marriage, would you still support that person?

I would need to know why they opposed same-sex marriage, and there over all view of legalized discrimination.

If you could ask a political candidate anything, what would it be and to whom?

What is your view on equal rights, discrimination, in regards to all people, ethnic/ religious minorities, and LGBT people, just to name a few?

Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote?

I get my info. from many different sources, and read alot of op-ed pieces, but it boils down to my opinion and what is important to me.

Who has been your favorite presidential candidate since you've been alive?

Barack Obama, he represents everything that is good with America, and what we stand for.

What is the biggest problem facing our country right now?

The economy stupid.

Do you believe your vote counts?

Yes We Can!

Should a national health care system be created?

Yes, the current system with the big insurance, and pharmaceutical companies holding all the cards, is discriminatory and failing the American people.

Which is scarier to you and why -- Terrorists, criminals, global warming, the IRS, our own government or something else?

The Patriot Act, and legalized discrimination, they both represent an assault on our Constitution.

If you knew you could win, would you be president?

No, way to stressful, and I'm not smart enough.

What political party do you most associate yourself with?


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