Pushups A La Cirque

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Have you ever seen Cirque De Soleil? It is amazing,
definitely not your typical big-top circus. Set to ethereal music, the
acts include performers flipping on trampolines, dangling from long
strands of silk and, my personal favorite, scantily clad men performing
amazing balancing acts on top of each other. Each of these acts
requires an incredible amount of muscular and core strength.

great exercise you can do, à la Cirque, is the pushup into a side
plank. This exercise will work your chest, shoulders, triceps and core
and, if you perform it with some cool music, you will look like your
own one-man circus! Tights optional.

1. Begin in a
pushup position, both arms straight with your feet together. Initiate
the core by pulling your belly button in toward your spine.

Perform one pushup by lowering your chest to the ground. As you press
back up, keep your abs tight and shift your weight over to your left by
lifting your right hand off the ground while rotating the body
sideways. Keep your left arm straight; otherwise you might collapse on
the ground. As you straighten and extend your right arm, allow your
head to follow, so that you finish the movement looking up at your
right hand. Your body should be perpendicular to the floor.

Rotate your body once again so that you "fall" back to a pushup
position. As your right hand touches the ground immediately perform
another pushup, this time pressing up toward your left shoulder by
lifting your left hand off the ground. Extend your left arm up until
you are once again perpendicular to the floor. Rotate and "fall" back
to the ground.

4. Keep alternating sides until you complete 10-12 pushups. Perform three sets.

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