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Describe the sensation you get after you make a killer find.

In a sense, "high" from the thrill of finding such a great outfit.

Do you put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect underwear?

Nope, My American Eagle Boxer Briefs do the trick!

How much time a day do you spend on your hair?

Probably 10 minutes or so

Are you a product junkie?

When I Want the Perfect hair, yes...

Where do you shop?

American Eagle all the way!Jared_ak2

Do you tend to be attracted to men with style similar to yours? Or the exact opposite?

It tends to be in the middle really! I like em all! :)

Is there a particular accessory you can't live without?

My Hugo Boss cologne

Where do you get your style information? People on the street? Mags? Celebs?

Friends, and seeing the models at the stores

What are your three favorite articles of clothing and why?

My AE Campus coat, my AE boxer briefs, and my etnies shoes They are all cute and fit my style!

Is there one person you tend to go shopping with more than anyone else? Why?

My Mother, cause she loves to go shopping with me!

If you want to go out and get attention, do you have one foolproof outfit that does the trick?

Not really, all my outfits are all foolproof and get me some good looks!

Are you environmentally conscious when you purchase clothing?

Sort of.

On average, what percent of your paycheck do you spend on your style (clothes, products, etc.)?

Oh Jesus...Too much! I Spend an average of $300 at American Eagle

How long do you typically spend getting ready to go out on a date?

Depends on where I'm going and for who I'm going out with

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

3 (Volcom Flip Flops, American Eagle Slippers & Etnies)

When buying shoes and clothing, is comfort or style more important?

Trick Question. Both fit my style, I enjoy finding the comfort and style...its a tricky thing to do...

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