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Describe the sensation you get after you make a killer find.

Comparable to an orgasm, really happy, tingly and warm all over (and I can't wait to tell my friends about it).

Do you put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect underwear?

Underwear is my second favorite thing to shop for, so yes.

How much time a day do you spend on your hair?

Not that much, about 10-15 minutes (this includes washing, conditioning, styling and touch ups) a day.

Are you a product junkie?

In which sense?  All of my hair product is from the same line, and I only go out without using product if I'm wearing a hat.

Where do you shop?

Usually on vacation, but every now and then I'll troll the local malls or shops downtown.

Mike1 Do you tend to be attracted to men with style similar to yours? Or the exact opposite?

My style is kinda all over the place, if I don't like it on me, I probably won't like it on you.

Is there a particular accessory you can't live without?

Belts, belts, belts.

Where do you get your style information? People on the street? Mags? Celebs?

All over the place I guess.  I'll see a coat or a pair of shoes on someone else, or tv, or in a store and I want it.

Mike3 What are your three favorite articles of clothing and why?

1.  Brown leather thong flip flops - because you have to have an awesome pair of flip flops, and they're sooo comfortable.

2.  Blue Guess jeans.  They fit perfectly everywhere they should, and blue jeans are a staple.

3.  Red LUK trunks - sexiest underwear I've ever seen/bought.  And there's a story to go along with them ;)

Is there one person you tend to go shopping with more than anyone else? Why?

My best friend.  He's more into electronics and things like that, so I try to show him how much fun it is to buy clothes and dress great!  And cause he's my best friend.

Mike4 Are you environmentally conscious when you purchase clothing?

Not in the least..

On average, what percent of your paycheck do you spend on your style (clothes, products, etc.)?

I have no idea how to answer that, between charging stuff to my credit cards and making payments on them lol.  But enough.

How long do you typically spend getting ready to go out on a date?

About an hour, but I've pre planned what I'm going to wear.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?


When buying shoes and clothing, is comfort or style more important?


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