Tech From the Future


Forget the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas - the Consumer Electronics Show is the real hedonistic destination the first of the year. What's sexier than 1.7 million square feet of the latest tech toys (most of which haven't hit the market)? It's a beautiful hot mess.

Here are some of the coolest things we tried out on the floor (with a few Adult Entertainment Expo gadgets thrown in for good measure):

MirrorTVMB Quart TV Mirror (price and instillation varies, available now) Really want to dazzle guests? Try this TV mirror. Installed into your bathroom, bedroom or another favorite room, the MB Quart TV Mirror plays a 17-inch screen without fogging or, er, electrocution. Mirrors themselves come in set sizes, but more than a dozen dimensions are available.

Nyrius Global Talking Translator ($49.95, available now) Learning the native tongue separates the travelers from the tourists, but unexpected trips don't leave much time for classes or even (excellent) crash courses like Rosetta Stone. A simple, effective alternative is the new Nyrius Global Talking Translator. The basic one holds seven languages and nearly 8,000 common phrases. No need to talk into the thing - look up your saying, like "Would you like to dance?," and the pocket device will say it to your new Croation friend. Other models hold up to 12 languages. You may want to grab one now, as it's $29.95 for a limited time.

Shure SE115 SHURE SE115 ($100, available in March) Sure, good headphones are plentiful nowadays - assuming you don't mind remortgaging the house to pay for them. (We're looking at you, Bose.) The SE115 set are on par with Shure's higher-end stuff, but the Ben Franklin price tag makes them a steal. This noise-cancelling model come with small, medium and large buds and splits the tweeter from the bass with ease.

Nextar MicroProjector ($299.99, available in Spring 2009) Tiny is the new big. The Nextar MicroProjector fits in your palm and shoots a hi-res pictures and videos on any flat surface. The optional $39.99 screen is about 19 inches by 16 inches, which shows how big of a show the little guy can project.The projector itself is about 4 inches by 2 inches and supports MicroSD cards with BMP, JPEG, GIF pics as well as AVI, all major MPEGs and several other formats.

OhMiBod Oh Mi Bod Freestyle ($129, available April) Music is already sexy, but Oh Mi Bod has been creating vibrators that shake pleasantly to the beat. The new model, Freestyle, is the world's first wireless remote vibrator. The Freestyle coordinates with your favorite music player (even the Zune, guys) and rides the bass as you ride it. And unlike other Oh Mi Bod toys, the Freestyle can adjust the music volume independently of the intensity - no need to go deaf as you get off.

Lenmar PowerPort Hub (price and availability TBA) Any techie worth his or her salt has enough power cords to start a large, accidental bonfire. The Lenmar PowerPort Hub keeps things simple. First, it's a solar charger, which lessens your energy consumption and carbon footprint (and guilt). Second, the hub can hold up to six portable devices, from your Sony PSP to your Jawbones, using the included adapters.

Zx1 Digital Video Camera Kodak Zx1 Digital Video Camera ($149.95, available in April) It's time for real talk - Kodak hasn't really set the world on fire since the original Polaroid. The Kodak Zx1 Digital Video Camera is nice, though, and is designed for the iPod generation. Pocket-sized and slick, the Zx1 sports 32 gigs of memory (comparable to some laptops) and holds 10 hours of HD video. The built-in editing software makes touching up and uploading pics and videos easier. Expect a bump in YouTube videos if more cameras follow its lead.

Ace CAD DigiMemo Notebook A402/L2 (price and availability TBA) Many of us lose important notes on our desks or are cursed with doctor's handwriting without the PhD and health benefits. The Ace CAD DigiMemo Notebook A402/L2 records your notes and shoots them to mobile or computer devices via email, SMS or Bluetooth. Connect it to a PC and you've got a tablet for doodling. The cool device works with Windows Mobile 5 or Symbian S60, covering most of the cell phones out there (Sorry, iPhoners).

Pink_minipod_0 Podspeaker Minipod (price varies, available now) Small and compact, the Podspeaker Minipod bosts a five-inch Kevlar woofer and a one-inch tweeter for a nice balance between bass and treble. Available in pink, bronze and titanium, the Minipod speakers are only about a foot tall and, when not in use, are stylish enough to pose as art.

FyreTV BoXXX (starts at $19.95/month, available now) The FyreTV BoXXX gives HD porn on demand. The box is free, and the service, starting at $19.95/month, charges by the minute and plays like an adult TiVo. The basic service gives 100 minutes a month, which may be all you need. How many movies? As of early January, 3,500 were on demand from all the major (and minor) adult movie publishers. The company says its adding 100 movies/day, until it hits a goal of 16,000 movies.

Title Photo: Getty Images